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How Often DOES A Cat Urinate? |

How Often DOES A Cat Urinate?

To monitor the health of your cats on a regular basis, one of the things you need to know is whether they are peeing regularly. Sudden reductions or increases in urination frequency could be an early sign of many types of problems.

How many times a day a cat does urinate, depends on several factors. The most obvious being: how much water they drink or “net” moisture they consume on an average day.

For example, cats fed with “dry kibble only” may urinate less frequently.

Also, cats have a tendency to toward a condition known as blunted thirst response, or BTR. This means some cats will not consume the level water that their bodies require for optimal health. Running partially dehydrated most of the time can cause feline urinary problems, damaging kidneys and/or bladder.

If there are problems with the kidneys, you may note your cat begins to drink more, and often may urinate more frequently, at least initially. Accidents may occur outside the litter box due to urination frequency and urgency. Depending upon the progression of the kidney problems, your kitty may later begin to urinate less frequently, and become quite ill.

When the bladder is involved, you may not notice any difference in drinking water intake, but you might observe your cat visiting the litter box very frequently. Plus, lots of accidents outside the litter box combined with little urine production, or blood in the urine, sometimes accompanied by crying while attempting to urinate.

One other note — cats CAN contract diabetes. The affected cat will consume more water than average and urinate more frequently, similar to other feline urinary issues.

Cats that are fed canned food or kept on raw diets, will get quite a bit of moisture from their food and might not drink as much water. On the up site, they also tend to be less prone to bladder issues.

The answer to the question, how many times a day does a cat urinate… is about three to five times a day. But it really depends upon their overall health, and how much water and moisture they consume in their diet.

To monitor the health of your cat, try to determine how often they drink and how often they urinate, to establish a norm. Every cat is different and not all diets or drinking habits are the same.

Once you get a pretty good idea of your kitty’s routine, you are more likely to catch abnormalities that signal health problems. Keep in mind some mild variances in the routine from day to day are not necessarily cause for alarm. Look for patterns, and of course, your connection to your cat will help you notice when they do not seem to be in optimal health.


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